I haven’t got the time

pexels-photo-280277.jpegI’ll see if I have a window,

to spend some time with you.

I really don’t have the time,

Its a matter of priority, what can a girl do.


I have to work to pay the bills,

I have to schedule in the gym,

I need to log on to be social,

My quality time is full to the brim.


We all have the same number of hours per day,

We all need to sleep and eat,

Why are we all short of time,

When time we have continues to our last heartbeat.


Im going to simplify my life,

Im going to do lots less,

I will become calm and happy,

at the moment my life is a mess.


We all utter a phrase,

that is a sad crime,

No longer will I say the words,

“Sorry I haven’t got the time”

I have a complaint.


I’m looking for my guarantee with full details of the T & C’s

A repair to bring me back to good as new.

Full waiver of the fees, a service is well overdue,


Can I have a pair of eyes that can see

and, longer intervals between each wee.

My arms wobble as I wave goodbye and I have love handles where I should have those hips that don’t lie.

I gaze into shop windows and although it is full of goodies offering retail therapy,

all I see is the reflection of my mother staring back at me.


Dear Mother Nature, head of customer service.

may I have a tight stomach not bought by the onset of rigor mortis

This ageing process seems so unfair

My biggest complaint is the indignity of unwanted hair.


So woman to woman lets make a deal.

lets agree to halt the demise of how my body makes me feel.

I promise to look after myself this time.

And forever I will remain a  woman in her prime.