I haven’t got the time

pexels-photo-280277.jpegI’ll see if I have a window,

to spend some time with you.

I really don’t have the time,

Its a matter of priority, what can a girl do.


I have to work to pay the bills,

I have to schedule in the gym,

I need to log on to be social,

My quality time is full to the brim.


We all have the same number of hours per day,

We all need to sleep and eat,

Why are we all short of time,

When time we have continues to our last heartbeat.


Im going to simplify my life,

Im going to do lots less,

I will become calm and happy,

at the moment my life is a mess.


We all utter a phrase,

that is a sad crime,

No longer will I say the words,

“Sorry I haven’t got the time”

Diets are a fad!


Diets are a fad and…

No food is a sin said my size 8 mate

Pounds from your bank have the biggest loss,

Not the pounds from your weight.


For a fiver a week

she said that she would examine the scale,

Then congratulate or scold,

maybe call me a beached whale.


I gazed across the table

at her petite frame,

I had visions of her coming to a slimmers meeting,

and declaring to all that the food was free of blame.


My group support chums

would gasp with despair,

“Its alright for her…

A lady who sees a cake as a food to share”