Birthday approaching and time to make a plan.

I must admit approaching my 49th birthday is a little daunting. I feel very over weight, this morning I put my knickers on back to front and found out that they fit me better this way round, My belly is therefore bigger than my bottom, great.

After my birthday and Dad,s funeral which is to take place the day after my 49th birthday I vow to myself that I will strive for a better life. The greatest love, is to love yourself and all that.

I will join a slimming club….I know that without the fear of some stranger checking my weight once a week, is enough to say no to a cake. I will spend more time on myself, I will find a way to burst into my 50th birthday happier and in as good a state that I can manage in one year.

My mental health is a priority too. May I underline mental health is a totally different aspect to the mind than a mental illness. I think we should all work on and protect our mental health. Every single one of us has a mental health concern.

I have been concerned for a while over the impact on mental health and our use of social media. I know that at the moment I will not allow any photograph of me to reach my or close families news feeds. Instead I manage to check in ant fabulous places and show my hand holding a glass.

My dad is so poorly, my husband is having 3 monthly check ups to check for a reoccurance for   skin cancer ( all clear, thankfully ) and I insist on telling the world through Facebook that I’m fine….look. I’m at a friends birthday party or at the theatre.

Right, here goes… life on social media will no longer exist. My account has been disabled. Its a good start, no more comparisons to deal with. No more little voice in my head saying…..I want what they have.

Great Start

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