A poem …..Happiness is fleeting.

I want you to be able to think like me.
I would like you to see what I see.
The years, the mistakes and the times I got it right
Has revealed a calm and clarity of sight.

Happiness is fleeting and its appearances are unplanned
We feel its power and for it to stay is our demand.
A feeling of joy is so because of its lift.
To have constant life’s highs is an unachievable gift.

So put down your tech, don’t look at your phone
Write a list to fulfil your dreams, let your mind roam
If you had more time and money what is it that your heart desires
I don’t require a shopping list just a list to make you smile

Once you are skilled to nuture yourself
You will discover that you are the source of good health
As you grow in stature with illuminating content
you will attract the moments that may feel heaven sent.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day
Set yourself free, leave others to do what they may
Your life is precious and yours alone, don’t let others convince you to achieve half measures.
Be brave my darlings seek and and you will find your life pleasures.






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