Why worry about the future, a poem for a friend who can’t imagine what it feels like to lose a parent.

Build a time machine and travel to our tomorrows
Just have a peek, what can you see?.
Can you see sunlight or shadows.
How are we all? Are we all there in the year 2023?.

In 2023 have the spring bulbs shown their flowers?
Are the birds building their nests?
Does the sun rise in the east?
And set in the west?

What? You don’t know how to build a time machine?
Well thats a poor show.
I don’t want you to be anxious about the time to come.
To stop the worry, you really need to know.

After the time travel, you could put together a plan.
If you have seen anything concerning
You could set about changing life’s events
You could devise a cure or increase your earnings.

I rather we time travelled all together.
One day at a time, enjoying hour by hour
Time moving at its normal pace
Relax and to be present is a mighty fine power.

My dear sweet caring friend
It isn’t a story you should know, lets leave it to unfold,
Please stop worrying about things that may never happen.
Enjoy life for today and all that it may hold.



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